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Fantastic time in Chicago! The concert went great. The festival was a success even with the last minute changes. Thanks to everyone who came out and to the people who organized this event. We can't wait to come back!

12/11/02 Important news: The festival is still on, but it has been changed to a one day festival on Sunday, November 17th. The location has also changed. The festival will be held at Lakeview Links . There have been more groups added to the show and the price is cheaper! Check out the live section for more details on this update.
07/11/02 The live section has been updated with more info about the Winter Industrial Music Festival in Chicago on November 16th and 17th. Just a reminder that Decoded Feedback will be playing on Sunday, November 17th at this festival. Don't miss this great chance to see so many excellent bands in one place!

Happy Halloween! The release date for the EP "Phoenix" is November 18th on Out of Line. It will be available in North America on Metropolis Records. Don't miss this preview EP to Decoded Feedback's upcoming full length CD "Shockwave". "Shockwave" is set for release in February 2003 on both Metropolis Records and Out of Line.

Sample MP3s from "Phoenix" will be posted on this site in the next couple of weeks. Check back soon.

20/10/02 Great news! Decoded Feedback will be playing on Sunday, November 17th in Chicago at the "A Haunted Winter For Replicas'" Winter Industrial Music Festival. This is an exclusive 2 day festival featuring Haujobb, In Strict Confidence, Hocico, Assemblage 23, Cruciform Injection, Grendel, and more. Don't miss this amazing experience. Check out the live section for more details.
13/10/02 We are pleased to announce that Angels & Agony and KiEw will also contribute remixes to the "Phoenix" EP. That makes the final list of remixers: Angels & Agony, Noisex, Imperative Reaction and KiEw. Also, a special mix will be included by Decoded Feedback.
27/09/02 The new Decoded Feedback tracks to be included on the upcoming EP "Phoenix" are:

1. Phoenix
2. Euthanasia (Shockwave Mix)
3. Eternal Dreams

The complete list of remix artists will be announced next week. Also, check back soon for samples of the cover artwork.

20/09/02 Some new live photos have been added to the visual section. We will also be adding a video clip soon.
18/09/02 The EP "Phoenix" will be released in November. The EP will contain the title track "Phoenix", plus remixes by Noisex, Imperative Reaction and others (T.B.A.). The EP will also contain at least 2 new tracks.

"Shockwave" is complete. It will be released on Out of Line and Metropolis Records in early 2003. A European and North Amercian tour are being planned for early 2003 to promote this new release.

Check back soon for previews of the cover artwork for both "Phoenix" and "Shockwave". Also, the visual section is being updated. We will keep you informed of new additions to the website.

11/07/02 Very big news! Decoded Feedback is proud to announce they have signed with Out of Line for Europe. This promises to be an exciting time for DF. Marco and Yone have left Bloodline on very good terms and wish them all the best for the future. Decoded Feedback is still signed to Metropolis Records for North America.

Right now the release schedule is being coordinated between the Out of Line and Metropolis. An EP is planned for release in November with remixes by Noisex, Imperative Reaction and others (T.B.C.). The full length CD "Shockwave" will be released very early 2003. Sorry for the delay in these releases, but due to the label change, plans had to be changed.

08/07/02 The concert in Montreal went great! Very cool audience. Everyone was dancing even in such heat. We would like to thank everyone who came, CNRG Productions, KAO Productions, and all our friends in Montreal. We had a great time. We will be back soon.

Just a quick reminder that Decoded Feedback and special guests Mind Confusion will be playing next Tuesday, July 2nd at Foufounes Electriques in Montreal. See live section for more details.

This concert will premier some brand new tracks from Decoded Feedback's upcoming CD "Shockwave". DF's sound has become harder edged and more noise influenced without losing their melodic soundscapes. Time has not softened this band's style, but made it more aggressive.

Also, a professional live drummer, Victor Rebelo, has been added to Decoded Feedback to maximize the live experience. This concert is being videotaped for live footage to be included in their upcoming video "Phoenix". "Phoenix" is the title track from DF's new CD "Shockwave". The video will be included on the "Shockwave" CD.


decoded feedback

The re-release of Decoded Feedback's first CD "Overdosing" will be released on June 28th on Dying Culture. It has been totally remastered and includes a bonus track, "Fear 2000", which did not appear on the European version of "Mechanical Horizon". "Overdosing" has been re-released due to the overwhelming demand by European fans. The original version of "Overdosing" was never released in Europe.

As for new Decoded Feedback material, an EP and the full length CD "Shockwave" are almost finished. We will post the release dates as soon as they are confirmed.

Great News! The concert in Montreal is on! Decoded Feedback will be performing on July 2nd at Foufounes Electriques with special guests Mind Confusion. Check the live section for more details. See you all in Montreal!

04/06/02 We have some bad news. The concert has been cancelled due to Noisex having to cancel their North American tour. But there are plans for Noisex and Decoded Feedback to play together again in 2003. Check back soon for news.
27/05/02 We have some great news. Decoded Feedback will be playing with Noisex in Montreal on July 2nd at Les Foufounes Electriques. This will be the first concert of Noisex's final tour. This will also be the only date in Canada, so don't miss this rare opportunity. This will be a great party!

We are currently working on a mailing list and will have it up and running soon. Thanks for your patience.

04/04/02 Welcome to the new Decoded Feedback website. Enjoy. Please take a moment and watch the intro. It's a flash intro, but it's worth the wait. Every month or so we will update/change the intro, so be sure to revisit it in the future. Also, be sure to take a tour of the new sections. There is now a fully working lyrics section, new photos in the visual section, MP3s in the audio section, a concert annoucement in the live section, and a updated links section. If you want to contact Decoded Feedback directly, go to the input section. The input section also contains the guestbook.
29/03/02 For our Spanish fans, check out the lastest interview Marco and Yone did for Spanish online magazine Necropolis Web Zine . Check under the section Musica/Entrevistas.
19/03/02 We are very pleased to announce that the production of Decoded Feedback's new CD is almost finished. The new CD is called "Shockwave". "Shockwave" has a harder, more aggressive edge. There will also be a single released containing remixes by Noisex, Imperative Reaction and other groups soon to be announced. Check back soon for release date info.

DF just finished an indepth interview with Check it out.

22/02/02 Great news for DF fans! Decoded Feedback's first CD "Overdosing" is being re-released on Dying Culture. There will also be a bonus track "Fear 2000". Due to overwhelming demand, Yone & Marco decided to re-release it. Unfortunately the original "Overdosing" was only released in North America, not Europe. So finally all you European fans can finally hear DF's first CD. It is a collection of DF's best tracks from their demos. These tracks were produced in Italy and Canada from 1994 - late 1995. This CD represents the origins and heart of why Decoded Feedback was born. It is raw in its style, but true to its nature. It will be released in late March/early April. We hope you will enjoy a peek into the origins of DF's style.
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